PIXEL UP! LogoPixel Up!May 8-10, 2017

Convince your boss

Build support for your attendance

You're eager to attend the Pixel Up! UX and design conference. You know it has the potential to help you work smarter, support your business, and advance your career goals. But does your boss? Below are some resources that can help you get approval to attend.

Before the conference: Build support for your attendance

4 Tips on Having the conversation with your boss

  1. Pick the right time to talk about it
    Ask the married folks, for a proposal, timing could mean the difference between #epicwin and #epicfail. To make sure you have your boss’s full attention, plan to speak to them during a time of day that has the least stress for both of you. For example, planning this conversation after a day of back-to-back meetings — not a good idea.

Likewise, you know what you’re like when you haven’t had your lunch yet. Don’t try to get an approval from a ’hangry’ boss. Think about cigarette breaks and coffee breaks etc. You know your boss’s rhythms and moods, use this to your advantage.

  1. Have a strong, simple proposal

    This will not only help you keep your thoughts organised, but might just impress your boss too. It’ll show you’re serious enough about this opportunity to do your homework. Also, no waffling and beating around the bush: cut to the chase and make it relevant to the questions you anticipate from your boss.

  2. Play dirty: The nuclear option

    Know about your bosses shady deals? The got a little thing on the side? That always helps. Just kidding. Sort of.

  3. Show enthusiasm

    People respond well to positive energy, it can be contagious. Go into the meeting with confidence and enthusiasm, your boss might be more inclined to see your side and give you what you’re asking for. Even if you feel nervous, fake it ’til you make it and you’ll come across in a positive light.

Most importantly, listen to your gut. Everyone is different, and you know your boss better than we do. For the most part, however, if you follow these guidelines, you’ll make it much easier for your boss to give you the green light. If all else fails, email us at [email protected], only use this as a last resort.

During the conference: Track your participation

So you've made it. You're meeting old and new friends, selfies with the speakers, it's all gravy. But remember that you're going to need to give value back to your boss and company. The conference website and Pixel Up! app have useful features to help keep track of your participation. A few weeks before the conference, you'll receive a notification when the Attendee Directory becomes available. Start to note and contact the people you're interested in meeting.

During the conference, post about the sessions you attend on your social media channels, Twitter is a good one, and LinkedIn. You'll gain new followers, grow your network, and your colleagues will see what you're learning. The official Twitter conference hashtag is #PixelUp.

After the conference: Create a report and share what you learned

Use your social media posts, and the Pixel Up! Trip Report template (we'll send this with your ticket) to create a report detailing what you learned. Supplement your own materials with speaker slides and keynote videos, posted during and after the conference. Search for news articles, blog posts, and #PixelUp tweets for additional reference materials to include.

Inspired by the O'Reilly events