PIXEL UP! LogoPixel Up!May 8-10, 2017

Brad Frost

Designer & Author

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Brad's Talk

Let's work together!

11:45 on Monday, 8 May in Cavalli Main Hall

Nobody works alone in a vacuum, and successful work hinges on how well a team communicates and collaborates with each other. This talk will explore many methods, tools, and techniques teams use to produce great web experiences.

  • How do front-end development teams make sure they write clean and consistent code together?
  • How do designers ensure colors, typography, and other design elements are used correctly?
  • What deliverables should be created in an effective web design process?
  • How are decisions communicated with the team, stakeholders, and the broader organization?

    There are no “right” answers to these questions, but this talk will cover some important principles and helpful tactics to help your team make great work together.

Brad's Workshop

Atomic Design: Patterns and Principles

09:00 - 16:30 on Wednesday, 10 May at Workshop 17

Style guides, design systems, and pattern libraries provide solid ground for us to stand on as we tackle the increasingly diverse and fast-moving web landscape. This half-day session will tackle all that goes into making and maintaining successful interface design systems, including:

  • Atomic Design Principles. We’ll cover core principles of modular UI interface design and discuss considerations around atomic design, a methodology for crafting robust, deliberate design systems.
  • Selling Pattern Libraries. We all know design systems and pattern libraries are great, but how do you get your clients, bosses, and teammates on board? We’ll cover tactics and tools for selling pattern libraries to clients and stakeholders, and detail how to create an interface inventory to pave the way for style guide success.
  • A Pattern-Based Process. All designers know the frustration of seeing all their thinking and artifacts thrown in a trash can at the end of the process. And like rubbing salt in the wounds, the working software doesn’t reflect all the hard work that went into the designs. Design systems and style guides are here to help. We’ll discuss cross-disciplinary collaboration through the lens of design systems, and demonstrate how tools like lo-fi sketches, style tiles, element collages, pattern library tools, and others contribute to successful work.
  • Style Guide Maintenance. Like a fine wine, a design system increases in value over time. We’ll discuss tactics and ways designers can contribute to systems that provide lasting value to your organization.

About Brad

Brad Frost is a web designer, speaker, writer, and consultant located in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA.

He’s passionate about creating web experiences that look and function beautifully on a never-ending stream of connected devices, and loves helping organizations do the same.

He’s the author of Atomic Design, and has also helped create several tools and resources for web designers, including This Is Responsive, Pattern Lab, Styleguides.io, WTF Mobile Web, and Mobile Web Best Practices.

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