PIXEL UP! LogoPixel Up!May 8-10, 2017

Emma Craig

User Researcher at Shopify

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Emma's Talk

Storytelling at Scale: Shaping Change through Research

09:45 on Monday, 8 May in Cavalli Main Hall

There’s more to user experience research than methodologies and studies that gather context, and you don’t need to be a researcher by trade to access this realm of work. The real opportunity for UX Research to have an impact lies in how we share the insight and context we uncover. By tapping into the innate storyteller in every one of us, organizations can scale research and affect user-driven change, even without a research team.

This talk is about how stories stay with people, create a common language, and live beyond the years of the storyteller. It dives into the intricacies of understanding both user and team, to effectively share the context gathered with consideration to time and method.

Ultimately, this talk is about fulfilling the most impactful part of research: telling the user’s story and allowing them to create an impact.

About Emma

Emma Craig is a UX Researcher at Shopify and spends her days observing and speaking with store owners to make sure Shopify is aligned with the most important stakeholder: the entrepreneur.

Always curious, Emma continuously aims to understand the more than 325,000 merchants using the Shopify platform, and the environments surrounding them, to advocate for experiences that exceed user expectations.

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