PIXEL UP! LogoPixel Up!May 8-10, 2017

Kevin M. Hoffman

Founder at Seven Heads Design

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Kevin's Talk

Meetings Are a Design Problem

09:00 on Monday, 8 May in Cavalli Main Hall

Best practices for the web are ever evolving, but the meetings supporting that work sadly haven’t changed much at all. At the core of every meeting is a group of human brains, and against the breakneck pace of mobile device releases, those brains have not evolved in the slightest. We can address this constraint by treating meetings like a design problem.

Every web team has a simple core curriculum of a few kinds of meetings. Each type has common mistakes, unique opportunities, best approaches, and remote work implications. Kevin will explore how each of these meetings is an opportunity to do your best work, with plenty of examples you can start using as soon as you get back to your desk.

About Kevin

Kevin M. Hoffman is an information architect and design strategist that has been building web stuff since 1995.

He is the author of the forthcoming Rosenfeld Media book, “Meeting Design for Makers and Managers.”

He founded the distributed design network Seven Heads Design, a network of highly experienced digital design thinkers who operate independently, but love working together.

Seven Heads clients have included Walmart, Nintendo, Carnegie Mellon University, Central Park of NYC, and public media companies such as WNYC and WHYY.

Formerly he served as Experience Director under Jeffrey Zeldman’s Happy Cog, winning awards for work with clients like Zappos, Harvard, Fonts.com, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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