PIXEL UP! LogoPixel Up!May 8-10, 2017

Michael Austin Sui

Design Lead at Airbnb

Image of Michael Austin Sui

Michael's Talk

Blueprint for a Design System

11:45 on Tuesday, 9 May in Cavalli Main Hall

How Airbnb developed a multi-platform design system and what they learned in the process.

About Michael

Michael's work is grounded in a human-centered design philosophy after graduating with honors from Carnegie Mellon University. He's grown his career by designing product and brand experiences at Google, YouTube, Airbnb, and retail experiences for Pottery Barn in San Francisco.

Whether the deliverable is a digital tool, a printed piece, or a design language system, he searches for solutions that embody empathy and respond to human behavior.

In addition to professional pursuits, he's passionate about science and biology, improving access to education, and social justice initiatives.

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