PIXEL UP! LogoPixel Up!May 8-10, 2017

Mindy Gold

UX Content Strategist at Capital One

Image of Mindy Gold

Mindy's Talk

Designing with words

14:45 on Monday, 8 May in Cavalli Main Hall

Sometimes looking pretty just isn’t good enough. As a UX Content Strategist, I create products that feel like real conversations, and you can too.

In this talk, we’ll learn about the new design discipline that deals almost exclusively in words (you aren’t super great at using Adobe products? Me neither!) and how to use some content principles to make your audience feel understood and at home every time they come back to you.

About Mindy

As a UX Content Strategist at Capital One, Mindy believes in designing systems, products, and experiences that speak to real people—in their own language and on their own terms.

Words are her medium, human-centered design her method, and teammates from throughout the company her co-conspirators.

Before Capital One she was a Communication Designer at IDEO New York where she created new fitness products for women, researched the failures of public benefits in NYC, rethought the future of financial services (a recurring theme in her career), and helped cities across Europe use data to better their communities.

She was also a Webby Award Official Honoree for working on a podcast and toolset called Creative Listening.

Outside of work, you can find her on her yoga mat, gazing up at New York City like a tourist, or on the hunt for the perfect mac & cheese.

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