PIXEL UP! LogoPixel Up!May 8-10, 2017

Nancy Douyon

Global User Experience Research Lead at Google

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Nancy's Talk

Humanizing Usability and User Experience Across Cultural Boundaries

09:45 on Tuesday, 9 May in Cavalli Main Hall

A designer must consider their audience at a deep level to achieve maximum impact of their goals. Gender, ethnicity, and other demographics influence how an audience receives information.

Designing with this intentional awareness is key to improving design, creation and research, which ultimately leads to building better user experiences.

In this session, Nancy will examine:

  • Where technologies and their audiences take shape, and how it impacts user experiences.
  • Design approaches, research methods, and the ethics surrounding these technologies.

This session encourages designers to consider their audience at a deeper level, considering culture, education level, gender, ethnicity, disability and more.

It is a mind-blowing session that will challenge your design processes and help you understand that by considering all these different factors an even better user experience could be achieved.

About Nancy

Nancy Douyon is a User Experience Lead at Google where she currently leads research on the end to end experience for all new and critical launches.

She creates solid foundations to ensure that her team meets stakeholder, partner and user objectives through rich, insightful research and effective design. She also has the pleasure of making Google consumer services better for users by helping product teams think creatively through design evaluations and sprints.

Nancy's daily quest is to increase the usability of products, applications, complex systems and websites across different cultural ideals and cultural practices. She consults globally on remote user research methods and emerging markets. She has been instrumental in initiating a user experience lifecycle approach that is now deployed across over 15 products worldwide.

Prior to joining Google, Nancy held research and engineering positions at IBM Interactive Research, Accenture Experience Agency, and Intel's Mobility Group.

In Nancy's spare time, she educates minorities in tech around the globe in user experience methodologies, culture-themed designs planning and implementation of user goals in products, and personal career management.

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