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Ron Bronson

Partner at Practical Starship

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Ron's Talk

Making Smarter Decisions Earlier: Building Frameworks For Developing Better Experiences

11:00 on Tuesday, 9 May in Cavalli Main Hall

Everything about our content and products have a stance. What’s culturally relevant to one person, might draw blank stares in a room of another people. Depending on what we’re making and where, understanding this can change everything about the experiences we're crafting. For people who design digital products and experiences, it can be critical to broaden our scope of who we envision as our audience, even when the composition of our teams might not reflect the divergent tastes of our stakeholders.

In this talk, we'll explore the assumptions that make for bad design decisions. We'll breakdown how can you develop & utilize in-house frameworks to build better experiences.

About Ron

Ron Bronson is a user experience strategist with web developer roots, who has spent the past decade helping large organizations make sense of their complex digital operations.

His work has grown from managing content to leading digital strategy for sites with millions of unique visitors.

Ron shares his lessons from his background working in every aspect of launching growing digital properties—primarily within complex, bureaucratic organizations including universities and government.

A native of New Jersey, Ron previously launched Aggregate Conference, co-founded of a venture-backed athletic brand startup, served on active duty in the U.S. Air Force & invented the sport of Tennis Polo.

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